Gall bladder surgery can be done laparoscopic. This means several small cuts rather than a very big cut. One cut would be done for the camera and one for the instruments to remove the gall bladder. Regular or general anesthesia is done and this usually lasts for two hours. Sometimes doctors will have to do an open surgery, but there is only a 20% chance of this.

Gall bladder surgery can be done as an outpatient or as in patient. Pain in the shoulder and belly for a couple of days are expected. Patients may also experience diarrhea and may feel sick to their stomach. Most patients return to their normal routine in about seven days with the laparoscopic surgery. Patients who have open surgery can take two to three weeks before the soreness is gone.

The risks of laparoscopic gall bladder surgery are considered to be low. In 40% of patients the surgery does not relieve their symptoms of bloat, gas and discomfort. It is important to reduce the amount of fats in your diet after surgery as well as the fat can cause some discomfort still because the gall bladder is not there to hold bile to help break down the fat. Each patient should be completely informed by their doctor before having the surgery.

For the 60% of the patients that the surgery does work I am sure the family members thank the doctors because of the reduction of gas. They are also not tying up the bathroom anymore! The people where gall bladder surgery is effective may never have another attack and live the rest of their life normally, or with some small changes in their diet.

Before having gall bladder surgery you should first try to eat better. This means more fruits, vegetables and real meat; not processed food. For some patients simply doing this can relieve all or most of their symptoms. For some surgery is the only option because the gall bladder is sick. For these patients simply changing their diet will not work. It is important to follow the advice of your doctor and if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy at all you should have a second opinion.

If for any reason you are not sure of the surgery or your doctor you should seek another opinion! No one should ever let a doctor they are not comfortable with perform any kind of surgery!